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Chameleon Beginners Guide

Welcome to the chameleon beginner’s guide. This is a collection of articles I’ve brought together to provide a good introduction to chameleon care.

These articles provide a good overview of what you need to know before you get a chameleon and how to get the basics right when setting up.

Some parts you may already know, so feel free to skip ahead, and you don’t have to follow the order I’ve laid out here. Each lesson will be linked to the next one to make for easier navigation.

If you want a more thorough understanding of chameleon care that goes beyond the basics, check out my ebook. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me on info@chameleonschool.com.

Beginner Lesson #1

Chameleon Pros & Cons

Chameleons are an unusual choice for a pet. Start here and find out if they’re right for you.

Beginner Lesson #2

Chameleon Behavior

Find out what you’re letting yourself in for with this lesson about their general behavior.

Beginner Lesson #3

General Care Guide

Once you’ve decided a chameleon is right for you, get a bead on their general care requirements.

Beginner Lesson #4


Chameleons have very specific temperature requirements so they can thermoregulate their bodies. Check this lesson for a quick overview.

Beginner Lesson #5


Learn about what lights are required to provide the correct temperatures and why UVB lights are crucial for a chameleon’s health.

Beginner Lesson #6

Providing Water

Chameleons have a peculiar approach to drinking water. This lesson teaches you the specific ways to provide water and how to make sure they’re getting enough.

Beginner Lesson #7


Chameleons live in humid environments, which need to be replicated in captivity. This lesson teaches you how to do just that.

Beginner Lesson #8

Food & Nutrition

Discover what chameleons eat and how to give them a varied and nutritious diet in your care.

Beginner Lesson #9


The previous lesson touches on this, but because it’s such an important part of their nutrition, I have provided a separate lesson for this topic.

Beginner Lesson #10

How To Feed

Knowing how to feed is just as important as knowing what to feed. Don’t worry, the method in the picture above is not recommended!

Beginner Lesson #11

Cage Selection

Your chameleon has gotta live somewhere. Here I give you my recommendations from the options available.

Beginner Lesson #12


Otherwise, known as chameleon cage flooring. This lesson quickly runs through the options available to you.

Beginner Lesson #13


Chameleons spend all their time living in plants. Find out what plants are suitable and safe for your pet’s habitat.

Beginner Lesson #14


To hold or not to hold your chameleon? Find out the best approach in this lesson.

Beginner Lesson #15

Equipment List

Less of a lesson and more a list of all the equipment you need to have in place before you bring your chameleon home.