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Category: Health

  • Chameleon Health: Not Eating

    Chameleon Health: Not Eating

    Every chameleon keeper at some stage goes through a period of their chameleon not eating. This can be a pretty worrying time if you can’t work out the reasons why they’re not eating, even when everything else in your chameleon’s setup looks fine. Chameleons will stop eating for a variety of reasons, ranging from completely…

  • Chameleon Health: 14 Ways They Get Sick

    Chameleon Health: 14 Ways They Get Sick

    According to a survey of vets in the United Kingdom, the number one cause of illness in chameleons is poor husbandry. Martin Whitehead, an expert herpetologist at Chipping Norton Veterinary Hospital who conducted the survey, said: ‘We can conclude pretty safely that there is high mortality among pet reptiles, and much of that morbidity and…

  • Chameleon Health: Feces & Urates

    Chameleon Health: Feces & Urates

    A chameleon’s feces can tell you a lot about its general health, well being inside its enclosure and whether or not it has any illnesses. This guide will answer all those burning questions I know you have about Chameleon poop. How chameleons poop Chameleons are actually pretty clean animals and captive ones will often designate…

  • Chameleon Health: White Substance Around The Nose

    Chameleon Health: White Substance Around The Nose

    Chameleons can sometimes get a white substance on their nose because they can’t sweat like we do, they have a gland around their nose which they use to excrete excess salt. This excess salt is what forms the white substance. What the white substance is Humans get rid of excess salt through our urine and…