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300 Awesome Chameleon Names




With a little imagination you can come up with some really cool name ideas for your pet chameleon.

If you’re having a little trouble getting those imagination juices flowing we here at chameleon school have put together a huge list of name ideas to help you.

Check it out and if you come up with your own unique and fun names then leave a comment below.

Cute Chameleon Names

You’ve got a cute chameleon so why not give it a cute name?

  1. Boo – A cute Boo like Casper The Friendly Ghost…
  2. Bam Bam – Like the baby in the Flintstones
  3. Baby – Aww, your cute scaly baby
  4. Blinky – Your chameleon won’t blink but they sure have cute eyes
  5. Button – Because your chameleon is as cute as one
  6. Daisy belle – Perfect for a female chameleon with yellow on here
  7. Fluffy – An ironically cute name for your pet
  8. Freckles – So cute! Veiled chameleons get little black freckles
  9. Fuzz – Fuzzy wuzzy cutey chameleon
  10. Goggles – Perfect for your cute goggle eyed chameleon
  11. Pebbles – More flintstones cuteness.
  12. Pixie – Just like a little pixie
  13. Pooh Bear – Or maybe just teddy bear?
  14. Princess – Your chameleon will act like a cute and bratty one
  15. Powderpuff – For when your chameleon puffs up
  16. Chamy – An easy nickname for your cute chameleon
  17. Coco – Always sounds cute
  18. Cookie – Imagine you had two? Coco & Cookie!
  19. Cuddles – Your chameleon won’t like them but it’s a fun cute name
  20. Cutie pie – You just have to act cute when you say that name
  21. Honeybun – I’m home!
  22. Junebug – For the small and cute chameleon
  23. Littlefoot – Because their little feet are so adorable!
  24. Peaches – Say it out loud. You can’t help sounding cute!
  25. Peekaboo – Your chameleon is really good at this game
  26. Puff – For when they puff up it looks adorable… Puffy works too
  27. Rainbow – Your chameleon has all the colors of one
  28. Ripple – For the chameleon as sweet as Raspberry Ripple
  29. Scoot – They look so sweet scooting up branches
  30. Smooches – They’ll reject you if you try but it’s still cute

Badass Chameleon Names

Wanna give your chameleon a bit more oomph with their name? Then pick one of these tough ones.

  1. Beast – Don’t mess with the beast
  2. Blackbeard – Yar! Say it in your best pirate voice
  3. Bones – A name that just oozes toughness
  4. Bruce lee – He was as badass as they come
  5. Claws – For a chameleon that likes to climb on the screen of their cage
  6. Crush – A solid name for a tough pet
  7. Digger – Your chameleon is a machine!
  8. Dynamite – An explosive name for a beautiful pet
  9. Hammer – Like the hammer of Thor
  10. Hot rod – For a chameleon that always flares up
  11. Hunter – Hunting those insects down without mercy
  12. King – For the chameleon who thinks they own your place
  13. Maximus – A legendary badass from ancient Rome
  14. Metal – Perfect for the heavy metal fan
  15. Muscles – For the big and strong
  16. Rambo – A tough name for the chameleon that doesn’t back down
  17. Raptor – Try and say this name without thinking of a badass dinosaur
  18. Slash – Anyone with this name is instantly badass
  19. Thrash – An extreme name for an extreme pet!
  20. Thumper – A deceptive name for a deceptively cute but badass pet

Food & Drink Chameleon Names

Naming pets after food a drink are a common practice. They have a sense of familiarity and a nice feel to them.

  1. Berry – A great name for all colorful chameleons
  2. Biscuit – I think this is a cute name for a chameleon as well
  3. Cashew – For a chameleon who’s a little nuts
  4. Cheeto – For lovers of the cheesy snack
  5. Cucumber – Perfect for green chameleons
  6. Cupcake – Another cute name for lovers of cup cakes
  7. Dorito – The casque on a veiled chameleon’s head kinda looks like one
  8. Flapjack – If ya love ’em for breakfast!
  9. French fry – Who doesn’t love French Fries?
  10. Gravy – I admit, this one’s a bit weird
  11. Honey – I’m home! Will your chameleon be happy to see you though?
  12. Hotdog – For those chameleons that are a little longer than averag
  13. Kiwi – Any Newzealanders visiting here? This one’s for you
  14. Lime – Check out the shade of green your veiled chameleon turns
  15. Marshmellow – Soft and squishy… Like a chameleon? Hmm…
  16. Meatball – For all you Ikea lovers out there
  17. Meatloaf – There’s something badass about this name as well as tasty
  18. Melon – For when your chameleon is green, red and wet from misting
  19. Mustard – A good name for chameleons with yellow in them
  20. Noodle – Is it just me that thinks this name is cute as well as delicious?
  21. Olive – A great foodie name for a female chameleon
  22. Peaches – For a sweet and sassy female chameleon
  23. Peanut – When your chameleon is really nuts
  24. Pepper – For chameleons with a little kick of color
  25. Pepito – Mmm… Sandwich…
  26. Pepsi – I’m addicted to the Max version
  27. Pez – Perfect for your small and sweet pet
  28. Pickle – For a little mischievous chameleon
  29. Potato – Great name for a lazy chameleon
  30. Pringle – Once you’ve had one chameleon you’ll want more
  31. Raisin – Another good food name for a sweet little chameleon
  32. Rhubarb – Perfect for those with a dog named custard
  33. Spaghetti – For lovers of Italian food
  34. Sprinkles – A multicolored name for a multicolored pet
  35. Sweetpea – Another cutey foody name
  36. Tabasco – For chameleons with a fiery temper
  37. Taco – I know what I’m having for lunch now
  38. Taffy – Colorful and sweet just like your pet
  39. Waffle – Another food name that sounds cute as well as delicious
  40. Walnut – For the nuttiest of all nutty chameleons

Funny Chameleon Names

There’s a few funnies here, some hilariously bad puns and extremely clever ones too. See if you can work out who some of the puns relate to. I’ll give you some clues.

  1. Bennedict Skaleyhat – This one’s a bit strange
  2. Chameleo Estevez – Those ducks are mighty
  3. Chameleon Cabello – Have you ever been to Havana?
  4. Chameleonardo Da Vinci – Does your pet have a Mona Lisa smile?
  5. Chameleonardo Dicaprio – Chameleons look like inception dreams
  6. Chameleopatra – Ruled egypt like your chameleon rules your heart
  7. Chamelo Anthony – This name’s a real slam dunk
  8. Chamillionaire – Perfect name for your pet if you’re a fan of his
  9. Chammie Davis Jr. – I’ve gotta be me!
  10. Chamuel L Jackson – Rather chameleons on a plane than snakes
  11. Chamwow – Your chameleon will never be cleaner
  12. Eddie Lizard – Chameleons are funny
  13. Grouch – Describes veiled chameleons perfectly
  14. Houdini – One for the crickets who always escape
  15. Jabberwock – Is your chameleon as fearsome?
  16. Karma – No chameleon name list is complete without this one
  17. Lynyrd Lizard – Play freebird!
  18. Lizanardo Da Vinci – We’ve been here before…
  19. Mr/Mrs Pretty Pants – Because they wear pretty pants!
  20. Nessie – I still think it’s real… Maybe it’s a chameleon!
  21. Psycho – Another great name for a veiled
  22. Queen Elizardbeth – Maybe she’s a chameleon!
  23. Raptile – Well if ya like rap…
  24. Rumpleshedskin – My second favorite pun
  25. Scale Caesar – My favorite pun
  26. Scalzy – Vossi Bop
  27. Tie-dye – Just how chameleons look. Like a Tie-Dye shirt

Famous Chameleon Names

These are names of famous chameleons in films and TV shows. I’ve also added the names of a few famous reptiles in general. See if you can recognize any.

  1. Chuck – Twin one from Rocco’s Modern Life
  2. Dino – Flintsones character. Chameleons are like little dinosaurs
  3. Godzilla – Or big huge dinosaurs!
  4. Leon – Twin two from Rocco’s modern life
  5. Leon Powalski – Bad guy assassin in Star Wolf
  6. Pascal – Rapunzel’s faithful companion
  7. Randall Boggs – This chameleon’s name is monstrous!
  8. Rango – The fastest chameleon in the west
  9. Reptar – Tommy’s favorite toy in Rugrats
  10. Yoshi – Mario and Luigi’s faithful sidekick

Find out what a chameleon needs to have in its cage here.

Female Chameleon Names

  1. Abagail – Means my father/mother is joy
  2. Amy – A sweet name for a sweet chameleon
  3. Ash – Simple and cool for male or female chameleons
  4. Angel – For angelic chameleons
  5. Avatar – Works especially well for blue chameleons
  6. Bertha – Lovely Bertha
  7. Bindi – Reminds me of Hindu dress. Perfect for colorful chameleons
  8. Bridget – A sacred Irish name for a scared pet
  9. Carmel – Named after a biblical mountain
  10. Charlize – For feisty, butt kicking chameleons
  11. Charlotte – A favorite of mine
  12. Cleopatra – Queen of the chameleons
  13. Camille – For those with French roots
  14. Davina – A real Diva of a chameleon
  15. Darcy – A real classy name for a classy lizard
  16. Dot – There’s something cute about this one
  17. Dusty – Is your chameleon the son of a preacher man?
  18. Elly – Or Eleanor if you prefer?
  19. Elsie – A lovely old fashioned name
  20. Esther – For a dear friend
  21. Emily – Means hardworking… Not sure it applies to chameleons!
  22. Fiona – A Scottish name meaning fair
  23. Franny – Short for Frances
  24. Freckle – Just a cute name
  25. Gabriela – For the Italian in you
  26. Giselle – Means pledge. A chameleon pledges to be gorgeous!
  27. Gloria – I will survice!
  28. Greta – For a chameleon that makes a real impact
  29. Hannah – A biblical name for Grace
  30. Harriet – Means home ruler. A hilariously appropriate name
  31. Helga – There’s something tough about this name
  32. Helena – Greek name meaning light
  33. Iris – Another Greek name meaning colorful rainbow
  34. India – There’s a few chameleon species living there
  35. Ingrid – Swedish name meaning beauty
  36. Ivy – Perfect for a green chameleon
  37. Jo Jo – After a colorful bow
  38. Jolene – Jolene, Jolene… Joleeeeennnneeee!
  39. Julie – For a youthful chameleon
  40. Jasmine – For the princess chameleons
  41. Kelly – Irish origin meaning bright headed
  42. Karen – Meaning pure
  43. Karla – Just fits well for a chameleon
  44. Latasha – For chameleons born on Christmas Day!
  45. Lauren – French origin meaning wisdom. For wise olf chameleons
  46. Lorraine – I love a quiche
  47. Lolly – Another name with a bit of sass
  48. Mabel – A lovely old fashioned name
  49. Mandy – A Latin origin name meaning loveable
  50. Matilda – For those who love Roald Dahl
  51. Medusa – For more moody chameleon
  52. Molly – Something cute about this one too
  53. Nora – An honorable name
  54. Nikki – Short and sweet
  55. Nina – Spanish origin meaning little girl
  56. Natalia – I love this name
  57. Ophelia – A goddess!
  58. Opal – Just like the colors of a chameleon
  59. Olivia – A symbol of peace
  60. Patricia – One of the most common names in America
  61. Paula – Latin origin meaning petite
  62. Penny – Have good luck
  63. Pip – Another short and sweet name
  64. Queenie – For the chameleon who rules
  65. Rachel – Always full of fun
  66. Roberta – Another name meaning bright and shining
  67. Rosslyn – Another nice old school name
  68. Rosa – A lovely classy Italian name
  69. Sabina – After an old fashioned tribe
  70. Sadie – Means princess
  71. Sarah – Another princess name
  72. Scarlet – For chameleon with red in them
  73. Skye – For those with lots of light blue
  74. Tanya – Russian origin name meaning Fairy Queen
  75. Tarin – American name meaning of the earth
  76. Tina – Simply the best!
  77. Toya – Name means door to the valley
  78. Trixie – Another fun sounding name
  79. Ulrika – A powerful Scandinavian name
  80. Ursula – A tough name meaning little bear
  81. Val – A valiant name
  82. Veronica – A greek name meaning victory
  83. Violet – Perfect for a chameleon with a bit of purple
  84. Wanda – Polish origin for wandering chameleons
  85. Wendy – A lovely English name meaning friend
  86. Whitney – A fun and youthful sounding name
  87. Yasmine – Arabic name for symbol of love ❤️
  88. Yolanda – Another name for violet with Greek origin
  89. Zara – Arabic name for radiance
  90. Zelda – The legend lives on!

Male Chameleon Names

  1. Ajax – Greek name meaning powerful warrior
  2. Alistair – Scottish name meaning defender of the people
  3. Amos – Named after a prophet
  4. Antonio – For fans of the actor
  5. Bart – For mischievous chameleons
  6. Barry – A straightforward no nonsense name
  7. Brody – When your chameleon is both ya bro and ya buddy
  8. Bruce – Willis, Bruce Lee. A good solid name
  9. Byron – Like a poetic warrior
  10. Champ – Chameleon champion of the world
  11. Clint – Go ahead, punk. Make my day.
  12. Clyde – Even better if you have a femal pet called Bonny
  13. Charlie – Down like a clown Charlie Brown
  14. Dave – Everyone knows a Dave
  15. Django – After one of the greatest guitarists in history
  16. Drake – Yes Indeed
  17. Dexter – Ooh that ending though…
  18. Donald – Perfect for chameleons with orange features
  19. Earl – A most noble name for the noblest of lizards
  20. Eddie – A fast name for a slow chameleon
  21. Elmo – We all know and love him
  22. Elwood – One half of the Blues Brothers
  23. Ernie – A good name if you have another pet called Bert
  24. Fabio – The one and only
  25. Felix – Not just a name for cats
  26. Fido – Not just a name for dogs
  27. Frank – There’s something tough about this name
  28. George – A name fit for a prince
  29. Greg – Another good, solid name
  30. Grommit – Another name not just for dogs
  31. Gustave – For the more angry chameleon
  32. Harry – A good old fashioned name
  33. Hank – All American
  34. Hendrix – After probably the greatest guitarist in history
  35. Herbert – German name that means shining warrior
  36. Icarus – Just make sure he doesn’t fly too close to the sun
  37. Igor – Perfect if you’re a vampire
  38. Ivor – Another old fashioned name that should make a comeback
  39. Issac – Perfect for the chameleon owner who loves science
  40. Jack – A good popular name
  41. Jasper – Has a touch of class to this name
  42. Jose – Spanish name for Joseph. I think Jose sounds better though
  43. Kane – A mean chokeslam of a name
  44. Ken – Scottish name meaning handsome
  45. Kimba – The original lion king?
  46. Kofi -Ghanaian name for born on a Friday
  47. Lancelot – A name fit for a knight
  48. Lenny – Means bold as a lion and chameleon means ground lion
  49. Leon – The Professional
  50. Loki – Thor’s arch enemy
  51. Marlon – The Godfather
  52. Merlin – A wizard of a name
  53. Miles – A permanently cool name
  54. Mateus – Portuguese name meaning gift from God
  55. Nemo – Try and find your chameleon when he’s hiding
  56. Neo – The One
  57. Noah – I just think this name works well for a chameleon
  58. Norbert – German name for bright north
  59. Obie – Use the force
  60. Ollie – Another great old fashioned sounding name
  61. Orson – Because Orson Welles was cool
  62. Ozzy – Short for Oscar… Also a great name for a chameleon
  63. Pablo – Because chameleons are like Picasso paintings
  64. Pedro – A cool, laid back name
  65. Pierre – For the French among you
  66. Presley – A name fit for a king
  67. Quincey – Another classy name
  68. Quentin – Once upon a time in…
  69. Ralf – Because he’s one of my favorite characters
  70. Romeo – Where for art thou?
  71. Rocky – Another tough name for a tough chameleon
  72. Ronaldo – After one of the greatest soccer players in history
  73. Seymour – Feed me Seymour!
  74. Spike – Another tough sounding name
  75. Sunny – For the brightness of a chameleon’s colors
  76. Teddy – Like a cute bear
  77. Texas – Don’t mess with
  78. Tyson – For chameleons with a bit of fight in them
  79. Thor – God of thunder!
  80. Waldo – Where is he?
  81. Wilfred – An olde name for an olde world chameleon
  82. Yoda – All knowing and all wise
  83. Ziggy – See you in the funny papers

Phew! Hopefully you’ve found a name from this list you’d like to use. Let me know in the comment section if you have any more ideas.

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  1. Matteo avatar

    I HAVE A SUGGESTION! I thought of the name Targaryen

    1. Sarah avatar

      Good one

  2. Pierre Blais avatar
    Pierre Blais

    this id just to give you another name for chameleons.I called my male chameleon Buddha

    1. Bella avatar

      My bro is called that

  3. Yuni avatar

    Another suggestion is the name Fig, thats my Chams name. ^^

  4. Gray avatar

    A awesome name is chamaelo

  5. Seth Miller avatar
    Seth Miller

    good idea

  6. Alisa avatar

    I’m getting a Panther chameleon and I’m gonna name them Sky or Luna!

    1. Eve Drinkwater avatar
      Eve Drinkwater

      Those are good names!

    2. k dog avatar
      k dog

      that is awesome I have a huge list full

  7. Eve Drinkwater avatar
    Eve Drinkwater

    If I get a chameleon I would name a boy Echo (inspired from your list) and a girl willow (cause I think it’s cute).

  8. lindy avatar

    Another awesome name is Camilla

  9. baylee avatar

    what about gizmo or do you have it thx for the name camo

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    k dog

    I love Leonardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to get my own it gonna be soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon

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    i love them all

  13. Midorilani Hokama avatar

    I like pixie Cleo rapter beast

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      yassssssssssssssssssssssssssss loveeeee that name i love pixie cleo rapter beast

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    i would name mine pascal after the movie tangled

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    I have suggestion. What about Tego?

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  17. Elise avatar

    I just got a Male 4 mth old Nosy Mitsio Panther and can’t think of a unique name .He’s very friendly and sweet .

  18. mystii avatar

    What about Digit?

  19. Claire avatar

    We have Veiled Chameleons, named Apollo (female) and Zeus (male) and Panther Chameleons named Doris (female) and Horace (male)
    We have snakes named Atlas, Athena, Asmodeus, Olympus, Ophelia, Ulysses and Noodle
    Various Tarantula’s named Hermione, Lola, Venus, Amber and Jupiter.
    Our Chinese Crested Dogs are Mia, Pedro, Jaka and Isabella
    Our horses are Baloo, Amber, Monty, Scout and Casper…. And then there’s the kids!!

  20. Jillian Addy avatar
    Jillian Addy

    Best name ever: The Lizard of Oz – and he was referred ro as Ozzy or Oz! He had such personality!!!
    My adult panther chameleon’s name is Ziggy like the illustrated cartoon.
    I just got a nice pudgy baby, with a very short tail. I’m thinking Yoshi!

  21. Bugsmom avatar

    my first veiled cham name Ziggy. I just got my first baby veiled chameleon and I have officially named her Ivy. my other babies/ bearded dragons: Rango, Rock, Spike, PJ, Juni, Aubie, Remi. My Hognoses are Belle and Rumple Snakeskin. I do have some leopard geckos (two females) but I do not have names for them yet